Southern Valve Service is committed to providing a complete set of precision valve services, including our unique role in facilitating communications between valve OEMs and end users.  The results of our process are: Delayed Coker and Switching Valve Repair
        Valve and Actuator Remanufacturing Facilities

Southern Valve Service maintains two fully equipped valve and actuator remanufacturing facilities in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Deer Park, Texas to provide service to Delayed Coker Units located throughout the USA and Caribbean. Southern Valve Service has a long experience with the repair of Wedgeplug™ brands and is authorized by Velan to remanufacture its complete line of delayed Coker ball valves.

Professional, Cost-Effective Service

We originally based our business on reconditioning.  This proved to be an excellent foundation to which we have added an " Extensive in-House Library of Data Collection"  and other specialized capabilities and procedures.  Now, we routinely work with more exotic metals and materials found in critical valve service applications.

Key Benefits

Our reconditioning services also comply with the many critical requirements associated with hazardous service valves used in the following applications:


We have also dedicated a facility exclusively to the reconditioning of small (2-6" 150-300#) commodity valves to provide our customers with a cost-effective, quality program to reduce their overall cost of valve ownership.

OEM-Quality Valve Modifications
        Technical Competence

Many valve manufacturers and most of the largest Gulf Coast chemical processors and refineries have something in common:  Southern Valve Service Inc.'s valve modification capabilities.    

These companies trust in our integrity and competence to perform a wide variety of valve modifications on time, to specifications, and within budget.


Data Bank
        Feedback Separates Us From Our Competitors

New customers often hear about us because of our reputation for prompt repairs and valves that meet or exceed expectations.  They soon see that our long-term relationships are built on a commitment to improve the service life of our customers' valves.


It's often the difference between long, successful valve service and costly downtime.   We operate as a vital link between our end user customers and the major valve manufacturers.  In this role, we provide valuable information to both parties that saves money and improves valve performance over the life of a processing plant.  By documenting the condition of a valve after it comes out of service, we can analyze the material condition and wear associated with the service.