About Southern Valve Service

With two facilities in Louisiana and Texas, and a combined 104,000 Sq. Ft. of production space on 24 ½ acres, we have the capacity to provide valve repair for the largest turnarounds through a single-source service provider. With our equipment, processes, and personnel we can repair all types of manual or automated block valves including gate, globe, check, ball, and butterfly valves. Our repair services also comply with the many critical requirements associated with hazardous and aggressive media such as Chlorine, Phosgene, Hydrofluoric Acid, HF Alkylation, Delayed Coking, Catalytic Reforming, Cryogenics and Oxygen for production sites and transportation.

Our experts offer precision valve services for industrial and severe service valves. We provide factory authorized modifications as well as warrantied valve and actuator repair services. Our mission is to provide manufacturers and end users with top-quality repairs and modifications to minimize downtime and reduce total cost of ownership.

Delivering Excellence since 1976
Southern Valve Shop

Southern Valve Service was founded in September 1976, rising to meet industrial valve repair needs during the valve shortages of the 1970s. Our teams quickly realized the dire need for better-quality work and more responsive service for severe service valve repair. With this knowledge, we continued to grow and adapt with one goal in mind: increased quality for valve service.

Today, we lead the valve repair and modification industry, with many valve manufacturers choosing us for valve modifications to meet severe service needs. In addition, we work the majority of the large Gulf Coast chemical processors and refineries to complete repairs and industrial valve modifications to meet their specifications, budget, and timelines.

Our sophisticated technology allows us to pinpoint root causes of failure to provide quick, efficient, and high-quality repairs. Through proprietary software, we collect and analyze robust data sets for valves to not only determine past modifications and services, but to predict issues, develop a more robust maintenance program, and provide more durable industrial valve repairs and modifications.

We partner with end users to lower the total cost of ownership for severe service valves. We achieve this through enhanced reliability, increased service life, and superior protocols for maintenance and repair for critical valves.

Lowering Total Cost of Ownership For Industrial Valves

Cost of ownership includes three basic components: installation, maintenance, and failures. Our team can help you address maintenance and failures for cost-effective solutions. Leveraging our large valve database, we can help you design a stronger preventive maintenance program to reduce repairs, failures, downtime, and their associated costs. When failure happens, we act quickly to provide industrial valve repair. Through our unique software and data set, we can analyze the valve to identify the root cause of failure and provide repairs and modifications to prevent similar failures in future.

Cost Savings | Enhanced Reliability | Longer-Lasting Valves

Our capabilities include all manual and automatic block valves, including:

We commonly work with aggressive material valves, including those used for hydrofluoric acid, chlorine, phosgene, oxygen, and HF alkylation. Our team can handle repairs and modifications for any valve. We serve industrial valve manufacturers and end users throughout the U.S. with strategic locations in the Gulf Coast.

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