Modifying Critical Valves for Actuator Automation

Valve automation is critical for many operations, increasing safety and productivity. Our team is here to ensure you have the right solutions through actuator automation. Our teams at Southern Valve Service provide unparalleled quality control and expertise for precision industrial valve modifications for mounting actuators of all types.

Our teams provide service for all types, brands, and pairings of severe service valves and actuators. We can provide modification services for new and used industrial valves to prepare them for actuator automation for your application, including hazardous applications like HF alkylation, cryogenics, delayed coking, and catalytic reforming.

Some valves we can modify for actuator automation include:

industrial valve actuators

As a leading valve service company, we offer precision valve modification for your actuation needs. We partner with end users and manufacturers across the United States to solve severe service valve automation problems and ensure your automated valves function perfectly for years to come.

Our experts handle the industrial valve modifications needed for any type of actuator, including manual, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic. Our technologically advanced processes and data analysis give us the advantage of decades of data on all types of severe service valves to ensure we provide the best quality service for your needs.

Get in touch now to discuss your automatic valve modification requirements with our team and to get a quote for valve automation services.

Supplying Industrial Grade Valve Actuators

In addition to modifying valves for mounting actuators, we also supply industrial valve actuators for end users through our sister company, Southern Actuation Service. Our teams at Southern Actuation maintain a large inventory of all types of actuators and also provide the actuator repair and maintenance services needed to keep them in top shape.

Our combined teams at Southern Valve Service and Southern Actuation Service are here to meet all your automatic valve needs. Through our dual capabilities for valves and actuators, we can service automated valves as one integrated component for your process systems. This means you have one source for all your service needs, whether for new valves and actuators or used valves and actuators.

Our experts can discuss your automation needs and identify the valve modifications and type of actuator you need for safe, reliable, and productive operations. We offer severe service valve actuators from top names in the industry and provide custom solutions for all your automation and actuation needs.

We work with end users in a variety of industrial markets, including mining, petrochemical, oil and gas, and power generation to ensure you have the automation options you need through quick response to your valve and actuator service needs.

Contact us today to find solutions to all your valve actuator automation needs.

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