Helium Mass Spectrometer

The Helium Mass Spectrometer (HMS) enables SVS to find extremely small leaks during valve testing. The minimum detectable leakage rate for our equipment is 1 · 10-13 Pa m³/s. Helium functions as a tracer as it has the unique ability to pass quickly even through very minute leaks. The natural properties of Helium make it very appropriate for leak detection. It has zero toxicity, is non-flammable and does not react with any other substance. Furthermore, this chemically inert element is present in the atmosphere in negligible quantity i.e. 5 ppm. The Helium particles coming out of a leak are ionized using a beam of electrons and accelerated using high voltage. Once out of the leak, a magnetic field produced by the detector separates Helium’s ionized particles based on their mass to charge ratio. Once collected these particles are converted into an electrical signal. The strength of the signal indicates the concentration of Helium particles or the amount of leak.
Pfeiffer Adixen