Industrial Valve Repair for Gate Valves

Our experts at Southern Valve Service offer industrial valve repair services for severe service gate valves in a large range of applications. We repair severe service valves to OEM standards to ensure your valves are long-lasting and safe. Our goal is to provide cost-saving repairs to help industrial facilities avoid the high costs and downtime associated with valve replacement.

Gate valves are widely used in all industries for controlling flow of liquids, gasses, and slurries. We provide in-house repairs for manual and automatic gate valves of all sizes, materials, and applications.

We have a robust database of historical data from all types of valves, including industrial gate valves, to help our teams better analyze the root cause of failure or malfunction and identify the industrial valve repair services needed to restore the valve to working condition. Through our proprietary software, we not only offer superior data analysis, but digital valve lifecycle tracking to assist with predictive maintenance and repair to completely optimize total cost of ownership for your gate valves.

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Common Causes of Industrial Gate Valve Failure

Gate valves can fail for many reasons. Our teams can pinpoint the issue and provide fast severe service valve repair for your failed gate valves. When you send us a damaged industrial gate valve, we get to work by recording comprehensive data about the condition, which we then use to determine the cause of failure. From there, our industrial valve repair specialists can determine the services your valve needs to return to operating condition.

Generally, when a gate valve fails, it gets stuck in either the open, closed, or partially open position. This may be due to buildup of product, rust, corrosion, or breaks in the moving components. In some cases, the stem may be broken or malformed or the spindle may become damaged or corroded. In other cases, wear and tear can interfere with sealing, which may lead to leaks in the gate valve.

Whatever the issue with your severe service industrial gate valves, you can trust our team to perfectly repair the issue. We provide unmatched quality control for industrial valve repair through our commitment to reduced total cost of ownership for your valves as well as through our advanced technology and processes to ensure each valve we service returns to you in peak condition.

We are your trusted choice for industrial valve repair services and are proud to serve end users nationwide. Since 1976, we have been helping end users of industrial valves reduce total costs for their valves without sacrificing quality and safety.

Contact us now to request gate valve service and get a quote for your industrial valve repair needs.

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