Industrial Valve Repair for Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are critical for isolating and throttling in many industrial applications. Our specialists provide industrial valve repair to extend the life of your butterfly valves and return them to OEM condition after failure. We help you reduce total costs of ownership for your industrial butterfly valves.

Butterfly valves are commonly used in many different industries, particularly due to their simple and economical design. Components in severe service butterfly valves may experience wear that causes leaks or malfunctions in your system. When this occurs, you need expert help from our technicians at Southern Valve Service.

Our seasoned professionals provide industrial valve repair services to help reduce overall costs and minimize downtime for your operations. We offer unrivaled quality control and fast turnaround times for severe service valve repair. Through our proprietary software, we offer not only valve lifecycle tracking and a digital traveler for butterfly valve repairs, but we can also use sophisticated data analysis to precisely identify the root cause of failure. This allows us to perform the exact repairs and modifications you need for longer-lasting, more reliable valves for your application.

We serve the entire United States through our large locations in the Gulf Coast, providing in-house valve machining for industrial valve repairs. Our team is proud to provide valve service for a wide range of industries, including the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation industries.

Butterfly valve repair

Common Reasons Butterfly Valves Fail

Butterfly valves are widely used for media isolation and throttling applications. While they often have fewer moving components compared to many other types of block valves, there are still several reasons why butterfly valves may fail. Disc damage is one common issue with butterfly valves that may need industrial valve repair. Butterfly valve discs can become damaged, or the edges may wear with regular use, leading to leaks in the line. In these cases, we may need to repair or replace the disc to create a leak tight seal again. Corrosion and erosion on internal valve components as well as deterioration on the gaskets and packing are also a concern. Through our experienced severe service valve repair team, we can restore butterfly valves to working condition to lengthen the lifespan of your valves. We work quickly and efficiently to determine the cause of the problem and repair it so end users can save time and money. All our repairs are performed in-house by our trained and qualified technicians so you have peace of mind that your repaired valves can stand the test of time and industrial use. Since the 1970s, we’ve been providing top-quality industrial valve repair services to help you enjoy lower total costs and less downtime. Contact us now to request valve service for your butterfly valves and get a quote for repairs.
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