Actuator Repairs in the Field

Our technicians offer quick response to your actuator repair needs. We provide field repairs and service for valve actuators for a wide range of industries, including the petrochemical, oil refining, and mining industries. We work on actuators of all types and brands to restore automation and extend the life of your valves and actuators.

Our number one goal is to reduce total costs of ownership for severe service valves and actuators without increasing risks. We achieve this through unmatched quality control for repairs and maintenance services for block valves and actuators. Our teams are able to service actuators through our sister company, Southern Actuation Service.

We offer:

  • Superior Quality Control
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Like New Repairs for Actuators and Valves
  • Repairs for Actuators and Valves Under One Roof
  • Cost-Effective Field and Shop Repairs
actuator repair

We provide shop and field service for all types of valve actuators, including electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic. Our team has the expertise to repair and service all valve and actuator pairings, so you have peace of mind you receive top-quality field actuator repairs no matter your system configuration. We help end users restore automation and minimize downtime through our quick, high-quality actuator repairs.

We are proud to offer all repairs and service in-house through our trained and qualified personnel. We have been providing unparalleled service to valve and actuator end users since 1976 and are proud to work with some of the largest end users in the nation.