Maintenance for Industrial Check Valves Used in Power Generation

new check valve that will be kept operational with industrial valve maintenance
Help prevent interruptions to your operations with proactive industrial valve maintenance.

Industrial check valves are one-way flow control devices that keep fluids moving in the right direction, protecting pumps and other critical equipment. However, the harsh conditions within power plants can take a toll on these valves. 

If your check valve is not welded into a line, in-shop maintenance is essential to address valve wear, corrosion, and other issues. By performing detailed maintenance in a controlled environment, technicians can thoroughly address issues and restore optimal performance. 

Industrial valve maintenance isn’t just about fixing problems. It’s a proactive approach to maximizing the efficiency and longevity of critical power generation assets. Southern Valve Service has the expertise to maintain your industrial valves. Our skilled commitment to quality ensures your valves operate reliably and efficiently. 

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Common Issues in Power Generation Check Valves

Power generation facilities demand a lot from their equipment, so check valves face a range of challenges that can compromise their performance and reliability.

  • Wear and Tear: Power plants often deal with high flow rates, fluctuating pressures, and varying temperatures. These conditions put stress on check valves. The repeated opening and closing of the valve disc, as well as the force of the fluid flow, can gradually wear down seats, discs, hinges, and seals. Over time, this wear can lead to leaks, sticking, or even complete failure of the valve.
  • Corrosion: The fluids used in power generation, such as treated water, steam, or chemicals, can be corrosive. Prolonged exposure can attack the metal components of the valve, causing pitting, thinning, and eventually, leaks or ruptures. The use of corrosion-resistant materials is important, but regular inspection is still critical.
  • Foreign Object Damage (FOD): Debris, such as rust, scale, or small particles, can get trapped inside the valve. This can scratch or dent the seating surfaces, preventing a proper seal. FOD can also block the valve’s flow path, leading to pressure drops or unexpected backflow.
  • Improper Installation: Even the best quality check valve can fail prematurely if not installed correctly. Issues like misalignment, improper torque on fasteners, or incorrect orientation can create leaks, restrict flow, or cause excessive wear on the valve components. 

In-Shop Maintenance Goals

Check valves are integral to the overall reliability of a power generation system. By keeping these valves functioning optimally, industrial valve maintenance contributes to uninterrupted power generation, minimizes costly emergency repairs and downtime, and helps your power plant meet its operational targets.

Proactively scheduled maintenance significantly extends the working life of a check valve. Technicians can thoroughly examine, repair, or replace worn or damaged components before they have a chance to malfunction or fail completely. This translates to reliable flow control and protection of downstream equipment. It also ensures the valve meets its OEM performance specifications even after some time in service. 

Trusted Industrial Valve Maintenance Services

By maintaining essential check valves, power plants can help safeguard operations, reduce long-term costs, and ensure a reliable energy supply. A regular maintenance schedule conducted by skilled valve technicians is the key to keeping your check valves working as intended. 

If you’re looking to optimize your valve maintenance program, look no further than Southern Valve Service. With two fully equipped industrial valve repair shops in Louisiana and Texas, we offer comprehensive maintenance, repair, and modification services. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you maximize the lifespan and performance of your critical check valves. Contact us for an industrial valve maintenance quote today.