Industrial Valve Modification: Trim Changes

Valve in piping system after industrial valve modification
Trim changes are a common industrial valve modification service.

Industrial valve modification is a popular practice to ensure valves ideally suit your application and needs. One common type of modification is valve trim changes. These modifications offer a way to customize valves to your exact needs. In this article, we’ll discuss valve modifications and why you might need trim changes for your industrial valve. 

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Why Industrial Valve Modification?

There are many reasons why you might need industrial valve modification services. It’s common to modify valves to ensure they perfectly suit your needs. In the past, it was common to keep a stock of all the types of valves needed for your processes. However, this can be cost prohibitive and requires a significant amount of climate-controlled storage space. Hence, valve modification became more popular to avoid these issues. 

Industrial valve modification is where valve experts change the original valve in some way. You can modify new valves to tailor them to your needs or you can modify existing valves to repurpose them to increase the useful service life. 

Generally, you should get valve modifications from shops that are authorized by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). OEM manufacturers offer authorizations to shops that meet their quality standards for modifications, so choosing an authorized team is essential for ensuring the modifications are of good quality.

There are many types of valve modifications that may be useful for your application. One of the most common types of industrial valve modification include trim changes. 

What are Trim Changes for Industrial Valves?

Trim changes are a type of industrial valve service that modifies the original valve. These modifications remove valve trim parts and replace them. Examples of valve trim components include seats, discs, and internal springs. Essentially, it’s the components that come into contact with the controlled media. There are a few exceptions. For instance, the bonnet and packing gland aren’t considered part of the valve trim. 

There are several valve trim profiles to choose from for your modifications. They are linear, quick opening, and equal percentage.

  • Linear valve trim changes the travel and flow capacity at approximately the same rate, so if the valve is open 50%, the flow is about 50%. This works well for throttling and controlling liquid levels. 
  • Quick opening trim has flow rise quickly, so when the valve is open 25%, the flow capacity is up to 50%. This works well for pressure relief and metering applications. 
  • Equal Percentage trim is basically the opposite of quick opening trim. When it’s open 50%, the flow is about 25%. Equal percentage valve trim works well for controlling gasses and vapors in throttling applications.

With trim change industrial modifications, you can change the trim profile as well as the materials to better suit your applications.

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