Modifying Industrial Valves with Trim Changes

Valve in piping system after industrial valve modification
Trim changes are a modification that optimizes your industrial valve for specific service.

Industrial valve modification is a widely used technique to ensure valves are customized to fit your specific application and requirements. One common form of modification is valve trim changes, which allow for highly precise customization.

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Trim Changes and Industrial Valves

Valve trim components are the parts that come into contact with controlled media. Trim changes are a type of valve modification that involves replacing specific components, such as seats, discs, and internal springs, to improve the valve’s performance.  Elements such as the bonnet and packing gland are not included in the valve trim.

There are multiple valve trim profiles available for your modifications. These include linear, quick opening, and equal percentage profiles.

  • Linear valve trim provides a consistent change in flow rate as the valve opens or closes, making it ideal for applications that require precise control like throttling and controlling liquid levels. 
  • Quick opening valve trim allows for a rapid increase in flow rate when the valve opens, making it suitable for applications that demand a fast response such as pressure relief and metering applications.
  • Equal percentage valve trim provides a proportional change in flow rate with each increment of valve opening, offering versatility in controlling a wide range of flow rates including controlling gasses and vapors in throttling applications.

Choose the valve trim profile that best suits your specific requirements and achieve optimal performance for your application.

Industrial Valve Modification Benefits

Industrial valve modification services are often necessary for a variety of reasons. Modifying valves ensures that they perfectly align with your specific needs. Gone are the days when you had to maintain a stockpile of various valve types for your processes, which not only proved costly but also required ample climate-controlled storage space. As a result, valve modification has gained popularity as a means to overcome these challenges.

Industrial valve modification involves expertly altering the original valve to better suit your requirements. Whether it’s customizing new valves or repurposing existing ones to extend their service life, modifications can be tailored to fit your exact needs. It is crucial to seek out authorized shops that adhere to the quality standards set by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), as they offer the necessary expertise to ensure high-quality modifications.

Customized Industrial Valve Service

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