When Do You Need a Triple Offset Butterfly Valve?

industrial application requiring industrial valve modification
Industrial valve modification ensures specialty valves are optimized for applications that need complete sealing and leak-proof performance.

Any system modification regarding industrial valves is a critical decision. One of these decisions is what type of valve to use for certain applications. Selecting the optimal valve for your specific operation can be the difference between smooth, uninterrupted service or the frustration of having to constantly troubleshoot an incorrect valve.

A triple offset butterfly valve is a unique industrial valve option that has specific advantages for high-pressure applications. Today, we will look at how exactly this type of valve works and the types of operations where it can add value. To discuss your industrial valve needs or for any industrial valve modifications you require, contact us today.

Butterfly Valves are a Go-To for Critical and Severe Applications

Butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves that are highly effective in stopping, regulating, and initiating the flow of various fluids. Not only are they versatile, but they are easy to operate, with lower torque than traditional valves. This makes them an excellent choice for critical and severe applications where precision and reliability are key. Whether used for water, oil, gas, or any other fluid, butterfly valves are essential for reliable, efficient fluid handling.

How Does Triple Offset Technology Work?

A triple offset butterfly valve is a sophisticated piece of equipment with three separate offsets that make it stand out from a regular butterfly valve. One of the offsets is unique in that it applies to the design of the axis of the seat cone angle, giving it superior sealing capabilities.

The other two offsets apply to the location of the shaft in relation to the centerline of the bore and the centerline of the disc/seat sealing surfaces, making it even more precise. This design is the key to achieving zero leakage on metal-to-metal contact. Additionally, the hard facing seat eliminates rubbing between the seat and seal ring as the fluid flows through.

With this technology, the cycle life of your valve is greatly extended, decreasing the frequency of required industrial valve repair or modification.

Advantages of a Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

With their metal-to-metal sealing capability, they provide zero leakage which ensures that the application materials remain secure, preventing environmental hazards. The unique design eliminates cavities between sealing components, preventing clogging and making maintenance much easier and cost-effective.

They are also suitable for processing harsh media because they don’t contain elastomers or other materials that are usually affected by corrosion. Plus, their friction-free stroking due to the geometric design of its sealing components makes this valve highly efficient.

With the low maintenance requirements and extended lifespan, it also saves on the cost of early valve replacement.

Applications for This Type of Industrial Valve

Industries that rely on zero leakage can benefit significantly from a system modification that includes an industrial valve upgrade to a triple offset butterfly. It is critical to have reliable products that can hold up under heavy use without leaking.

Industrial valve applications this is relevant to include:

  • Water treatment
  • Chemical refining
  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation

By providing complete sealing and leak-proof performance, a triple offset butterfly valve can be a key component of these industrial operations.

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