Industrial Valve Maintenance: What is Valve Exercising?

Valve that needs exercising for industrial valve maintenance
Valve exercising is part of an industrial valve maintenance program.

Valve exercising is a process of opening and closing a valve multiple times to keep it working properly. Valves are subject to a lot of wear and tear, so regular industrial valve maintenance is necessary to keep them functioning correctly. Exercising the valve helps to prevent sticking and corrosion, and can also extend the life of the valve. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how to exercise your industrial valves, as well as some tips for maintaining them.

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What is Valve Exercising? Why is it Important for Industrial Valve Maintenance Programs?

Valve exercising is a process used in industrial valve maintenance. It helps minimize problems like sticking, inoperability, and unusual noises. While some applications require valves to open and close on a regular basis, valve exercising is primarily for valves with significant torque requirements that don’t move regularly. Leaving a valve in one position for long periods of time can encourage more wear and tear over time. Valve exercising can help prevent debris buildup, re-lubricate certain parts, and stimulate the seal. It helps ensure the valve can move freely. Exercising should be done on a regular basis as part of a comprehensive maintenance approach to keep industrial valves operating smoothly.

Importance of Regular Valve Exercising

Regular industrial valve service is an essential part of operating a safe industrial environment. Exercising valves on a regular schedule ensures they function accurately and safely. Regular valve exercising and maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns due to corrosion or jamming. Additionally, by exercising industrial valves regularly, you can improve performance and longevity. Ongoing maintenance can seriously increase valve lifecycles, reducing overall costs.

Benefits of Valve Exercising as Part of Industrial Valve Maintenance

The strategic implementation of industrial valve exercising can significantly benefit industrial valves in several ways. Benefits include:

  • Preventing malfunctions & unexpected delays
  • Increased safety
  • Increased valve lifespan
  • Better valve performance
  • Fewer repairs and replacements
  • Reduced total lifecycle costs

Ultimately, industrial valve exercising yields a range of positive results that increase efficiency, reduce time wastage and cultivate an improved working climate for industrial businesses across the board.

How Our Team Exercises Industrial Valves

Proper exercise of industrial valves is a critical process to provide undisrupted flow regulation across industrial processes. Methodologies vary depending on the type and brand of valve being exercised, however some key steps remain consistent throughout different models. These predominantly include visual inspection, cycle tests, as well as leak checking. It is essential that valves are correctly purged before taking any measurements and to use extensions for deep-seated valves. A necessary safety step is also to pressure test both before and after exercising the valve or performing any maintenance or repairs. Following these steps carefully will ensure that your industrial valves remain functional and in peak condition for longer.

How Often do Industrial Valves Need Exercising?

Industrial valve maintenance is an important component of protecting industrial machinery and the environment. To ensure the proper functioning of industrial valves, it is important to exercise them on a regular basis. Depending upon their purpose, industrial valves should be exercised at least once every couple of weeks or once a month to prevent them from seizing open or closed and causing significant damage. Exercising industrial valves can be done manually or in automated systems. It is also important that workers exercise caution by ensuring all safety protocols are followed during this process to protect personnel and equipment.

Industrial Valve Service from Southern Valve Service

Valve exercising is a critical part of preventative maintenance for industrial valves. Exercising valves on a regular basis can extend the life of your valves, save you money in the long run, and minimize unplanned downtime. If you’re not sure how to exercise your valves or would like help getting started, Southern Valve Service can help. We offer industrial valve maintenance, industrial automated valve repair, and valve modification services to keep your industrial operation running smoothly. Contact us today for a free quote.