Industrial Valve Repair: Common Issues with Ball Valves

Stainless steel ball valve that has had industrial valve repair
Industrial valve repair for ball valves can help improve their efficiency and increase their lifespan.

Industrial ball valves are used in many industries, from chemical processing to water management, because of their reliable performance and durability. However, when these valves fail due to wear and tear or improper use, repair can be costly and time-consuming for processing engineers. In this blog post, we will discuss the common causes of industrial ball valve failure as well as how industrial valve repairs can be performed to ensure that systems remain operational and functioning at peak efficiency. Understanding the root cause of such failures is crucial in preventing them in the future.

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What are Industrial Ball Valves?

Industrial ball valves are used in a variety of applications, from transportation to lubrication processes. These valves are designed to be highly efficient and able to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures. The industrial valve operates by using a spherical disc with a bore hole running through it. When the lever handle is moved, the ball rotates onto an open or closed position. This allows for the flow of liquids or gases to be regulated precisely. To maintain efficiency, industrial ball valves must be regularly inspected for wear and tear and any necessary industrial valve repair services should be carried out immediately when needed.

Common Reason You May Need Industrial Valve Repair for Ball Valves

Ball valves are used in industrial processes to control the flow rate of materials. While they can last for many years, ball valves can sometimes fail due to a range of factors. These common causes of ball valve failure include corrosion, extreme temperatures, and improper installation. These can all cause issues for valve operation, including leaks, obstructed flow, and stuck valves. To minimize the risks of valve failure, industrial equipment managers must practice proper industrial valve repair protocols such as check-up inspections and regular maintenance services. By addressing potential issues early on through preventive maintenance, businesses can save money in the long run and continue with reliable industrial processes.

Corrosion is a Leading Cause of Industrial Valve Repair

Corrosion is a significant source of industrial ball valve failure and should not be overlooked. Industrial valve service providers are wise to offer corrosion resistance services, such as regular inspections and preventive maintenance. Additionally, industrial valves installed in high-corrosion environments should have specialized components to protect against the effects of corrosion. This could include resin-encapsulated electrical connectors or ceramic-lined bodies for specialty gases. These are especially susceptible to the corrosive effects of harsh elements or liquids. Taking extra steps to protect against corrosion can improve industrial ball valve lifespans.

Temperature Extremes can Cause Failure

Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on industrial ball valves, leading to operational issues and even complete failure. It is important for industrial facility owners and operators to keep their equipment in peak condition by having preventive maintenance checks that include industrial valve repair procedures. Quality industrial valve repair services should be sought out to properly maintain industrial ball valves and prevent them from being damaged due to temperature extremes.

Improper Installation Often Leads to Industrial Valve Repairs

Many industrial valves are installed in areas that endure high temperature and pressure, presenting unique challenges when it comes to installation. While proper installation is the best way to protect the safety of those operating such equipment, an improper installation can lead to catastrophic failure of a ball valve. Furthermore, if the installation is done incorrectly, the stem seal won’t hold properly. This could lead to leakage which can ultimately cause significant damage throughout the industrial process it controls. Poorly trained installers often overlook essential steps that could prevent these failures from occurring. For this reason, it is essential that only experienced professionals handle all industrial valve installations.

Industrial Valve Services for Failed Ball Valves

Repairing industrial ball valves can seem like a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and guidance, it is a relatively straightforward process for our experts. First, they will confirm that the valve is safe to work on by visually inspecting its condition and double-checking all safety features. Next, they remove the old parts, inspect them for corrosion or damage, and ensure they are correctly sized before replacing them. Finally, they use specialized tools such as wrenches and torque gauges to properly replace the valve’s components. They will then test the device for proper operation prior to returning it to its working environment. By following these steps, industrial valve experts can effectively repair industrial valves in their facilities efficiently with little effort.

Decide Between Industrial Valve Repair and Replacement

Replacing a ball valve is something that should be considered in industrial valve service scenarios. However, repairs are often more cost-effective and faster.  Most damages can be repaired, but if there is significant damage, then it may need replacement.

Clean and Inspect Valves

When industrial valve repair is needed, ball valves should be checked or cleaned at least annually to prevent any contaminants from getting into the fluid lines and disrupting operations. Regular inspections and cleaning can extend the life of the ball valve, due to the improved flow characteristics and decreased wear caused by debris buildup. Failing to maintain industrial valves can lead to costly damages, increased downtime, and decreased efficiency. If a ball valve is not working correctly or appears dirty, it should be inspected or professionally cleaned to keep industrial machinery running smoothly.

Disassemble the Valve and Provide Industrial Valve Repair Services

Dissembling industrial valves is an important part of industrial valve repair. The technician can inspect the various parts that make up the valve, identify worn or damaged parts, and perform necessary repairs or replacements. This process requires experience and thorough precision in order to ensure that all components are reassembled properly in order so the valve functions optimally once again. With a well-executed repair process, industrial valves will be ready for their next application.

Tips for Preventing Damage to Ball Valves

Taking proactive preventative measures is the best way to minimize future damage to industrial ball valves. Executing a proper industrial valve maintenance program, including regular cleaning and inspection, will help prevent the collection of dirt, debris, or other material buildup which can lead to issues down the line. Use higher quality valve materials such as stainless steel or alloy materials will be more resistant to any corrosive fluids or gases. Make sure proper sealing occurs during installation. Lastly, rely on an experienced valve technician to ensure industrial ball valves remain operational and in safe working condition for many years.

Industrial Valve Service Solutions from Southern Valve Service

In conclusion, industrial ball valves are a vital tool for many industrial applications due to their ability to control and contain fluids. However, it is important to be aware of common causes of ball valve failure in order to take the necessary action to prevent and repair any damage. Taking the time to inspect and clean the valves on a regular basis, and consider full replacement when needed. Repairing or replacing individual parts that are worn or damaged with the proper supplies can make all the difference. At Southern Valve Service we provide top-notch customer service when it comes to valve repair and maintenance services. For comprehensive repairs done right every time, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote!